C.A.S.A. works to instill a sense of self control and automony in young children. For this reason, we do not use authoritarian methods of discipline. We believe it’s our responsibility to help each child learn self control, socialization, sharing, and respect. We use positive reinforcement and will take the following disciplinary steps when appropriate (biting, hitting, name-calling, general disrespect):

  • First, we talk to the child and ask him or her to redirect steps.

  • Second, the child is placed in time out. Each classroom has a “time-out chair” and sits for one minute for each year of the child’s age. (For example, a four-year-old will sit for four minutes).

  • Third, the child is brought to the Director’s Office. If issues continue, parents are notified and a parental conference is arranged.

  • Fourth, if the child’s behavior cannot be corrected, parents may be asked to remove the child from the program so as to not disrupt the learning environment for other children.


Unless prior arrangements have been made, C.A.S.A. reserves the right to permanently remove a child from enrollment at any time, whether for behavioral issues or nonpayment. Teachers are expected to devote time to all children, not neglect others because one child requires constant supervision.